Women's Day in the USA

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

Women's Day in the USA

Over last some years, the whole world is celebrating women’s day with extreme zest and fervor although in few parts of USA it is yet to find meaning. It is known as a holiday to give advancement to the fight for slaughter against women and to increase awareness among people for removing the gender gap.

These days, in some parts of the world together with United States, the women’s Day is enjoyed by performing different activities by companies and school children, by offering tribute to women with dance performance and flowers. The founder of women day in USA was Beata Pozniac, has been working in the supporting domain from last some years to educate the meaning of this day to the country people.

The March month is acknowledged as a month of Women’s History in USA. Moreover, there are several events held all over the country for the celebration of women’s day.

Women's Day in the USA

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