St.Patrick 's Day

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

St.Patrick 's Day

The St Patrick’s Day is renowned in entire world, particularly by the Irish organizations and communities. You can wear green attires on this day and when you organize a party, you should include Irish drinks and food which are dyed in color green are so they become a vital part of the celebration. You can indulge your children in sweets whereas adults will enjoy the “pint” of beer available at the local pub. Several pubs and restaurants provide Irish food and drink that consist:

· Irish brown bread

· Beef pie and Guinness pie

· Cabbage and Corned beef

· Irish Coffee

· Irish stew

· Irish mousse cake and cream chocolate

· Irish potato soup

· Poundies - Irish potato champ

People plan for a pilgrimage to the St Patrick’s Purgatory that is associated with reparation and with spiritual healing. This is located on the Station Island in the Lough Derg where St Patrick had the promising vision that who came to this sanctuary in repentance and faith will get pardon for their committed sins.

St.Patrick 's Day

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