Groundhog Day in the USA

SerSam, 23 Jul 17

Groundhog Day in the USA

Groundhog Day in the USA is basically a traditional holiday which has now become much popular after the making of a film in same name in year 1993. You must be wondering that why this is special and why it is being celebrated, so let us check the reasons:

· As per the traditional stories if groundhog leaves their burrow on the specific day and the weather gets cloudy, so spring will arise early.

· If the weather is sunny, and groundhog looks at their shadow, so the winter weather will continue.

Now, how is the name “Groundhog” originated, you will wonder that Punxsutawney Phil (groundhog) was termed after the King Phillip. Before being called as Phil, he was known as Br'er Groundhog. The Groundhog Day is celebrated in Canada and the USA.

This might sound to be funny but it is true that the weather is identified and perceived by the activity of the Groundhog.

Groundhog Day in the USA

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