Day of veterans of the Vietnamese war in the USA

SerSam, 24 Jul 17

Day of veterans of the Vietnamese war in the USA

On 29th March, 1973, the last combat troops of America left Vietnam and came back to their home. Not like troops of existing wars, the huge number of those courageous service members didn’t get a warm welcome. Actually some were spat upon, identified names and delighted with disdain.

Veterans of Vietnam turn off the horrors of fight in Vietnam just to come back home to shoulder the weight of a hated war that was no mistake of their own. The manner they were delighted has often been known as a national shame and accurately so. They did their responsibility as their nation asked them to. It is what loyalists do; they give out when their country calls.

On 28th March, 2017, Donald J. Trump, President of America signed the 2017 Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act. Every year 29th March will be identified as Vietnam War Veterans Day.

Day of veterans of the Vietnamese war in the USA

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